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Radiation Protection

May 22, 2023 | Value Prop

Today we are taking a quick look at radiation safety in the Radiologic Technology workplace.

Throughout their career, X-ray techs have historically accumulated a large scatter x-ray dose. Scatter x-rays reflect off of patients and bounce back to the tech during an exposure. Radiology has improved recently and through education, and the establishment of radiation safety practices, occupational dose for x-ray techs is lower than ever. Today, techs who work in diagnostic radiography have one remaining source for scatter radiation exposure, and that is when they hold a patient in the correct positioning for their x-rays.

X-ray techs frequently hold and support patients for knee, foot, and ankle exams as well as for the cross-table lateral projection of the hip. This hip projection especially, uses the highest volume of x-rays and therefore causes the greatest scatter radiation dose to the tech. Even when a tech wears a protective lead apron, their feet, arms, hands and face are all exposed to this invisible beam of ionizing radiation. Scatter radiation increases the risk for staff to develop cataracts, skin cancer, thyroid cancer and certain types of brain tumors. 

I personally know two x-ray techs who have recently died from cancer, and while there is no provable link between their career and their cancer diagnosis, their deaths have reminded me that it is always worth the effort to reduce workplace radiation exposure.

The Leg Lift that we have developed here at Flow State Innovation is one tool that moves us in the radiology field closer to zero radiation exposure. The Leg Lift can be used during the cross-table lateral hip projection as well as positioning support for knee, foot and ankle x-ray exams. 

Our patients are so frequently unpredictable and in need of help with positioning and the Leg Lift is a second set of hands and allows staff to step away to a safe distance during x-ray exposures. 

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