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May 30, 2023 | Value Prop

Workplace injury for healthcare staff, whether it is an acute back injury, or a joint injury from repetitive motion, is all too common. Healthcare providers often suffer back pain because they are bending over patients during lengthy exams.  X-ray techs often develop tendon injuries or spine injuries while lifting or supporting patients during x-ray exams. 

These conditions are not just a burden for the individual, they have a negative impact on the environment of labor, cause lengthy medical leaves, and eventually require expensive surgical intervention. 

It is easy to assume that these injuries are just part of working as a frontline healthcare provider, but that is a defeatist belief that undermines the health of individual staff and providers, and therefore, the strength of the entire healthcare community. 

We can do better, and along with proper training and the use of good body mechanics, there are tools that can work alongside us to bear the weight of our patients so we can enjoy long, injury free careers. 

We at Flow State Innovation are introducing the Leg Lift; a positioning device that is floor mounted and sturdy, height adjustable, and reaches out over a workspace holding your patients leg in the perfect position for examination, debridement, operative access, and several key x-ray projections. 

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