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The Leg Lift Positioning Device

Sturdy positioning device that safely supports the lower extremity in the ideal position for safe and efficient examination.

  • Improve your department productivity as difficult exams can easily be performed with one tech.
  • Eliminate scatter radiation exposure for staff.
  • Improve your patient’s experience with safe and comfortable support.
  • Improve image quality with ideal positioning.
  • Reduce liability for hospital and imaging department.
  • Made in the United States.



  • Cross table lateral hip projection
  • Foot and ankle exams for seated or wheelchair-bound patients
  • Specialized knee projections

Wound Care of Foot and Ankle:

  • Exam
  • Debridement
  • Dressing


  • Surgical Prep
  • Intraoperative Support
  • Post-surgical care & dressing

“The Leg Lift allows me to use better body mechanics while performing difficult projections.”

Jessica W.

Radiology Supervisor

“Other positioning tools are too unstable. Patient’s legs are heavy and I have needed a support system so I don’t have to lift and hold during exposure and risk my own health. The Leg Lift is perfect for this need.”

Tom P.

Staff Technologist

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